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& 4 MAy 2010 ♥

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Caught IP Man 2
Thumbs up for the show.
I hate to watch it at Downtown East cause there is a butch of barbarian sitting behind him.
Keep on kicking the seats and talking loudly.
By the time the show ends its like 4plus am.
Reach dear's place and knock out completely.

Hazel playing L4D at dear's place.

Hu zhi?

Look at the diff after drinking red wine at Summer Breeze.

love me for who i am Tuesday, May 04, 2010 ♥

& 3 May 2010 ♥

Monday, May 03, 2010

Went to Wisma to collect my flats and then headed to Bugis for some shopping.
Weather is so so hot.

Went to Selegie for some beancurd and youtiao.

I look funny. lol.

Finally Eric call us and went to pasir ris to meet him and hazel.
Dinner nearby then headed home.

Bought one dress only.

love me for who i am Monday, May 03, 2010 ♥

& 2 May 2010 ♥

Sunday, May 02, 2010

28 Apr 2010 (Wed)
Had this chicken chop made by dear's mum before heading home.

29 Apr 2010 (Thur)
After work headed to Ikea to buy laundry bag and had dinner at Giant before buying our daily rations home.

Saw this outside my house.
Orangy and big moon.

30 Apr 2010 (Fri)
Headed to dear's place after work and rest for a while before meeting Eric and Hazel for dinner at Adama Food Market.

Food we ordered.

Our messy table

After dinner headed to Yishun Dam and chill for a while.

1 May 2010
Breakfast at dear's place.

Before heading out.

Had lunch with Eric, Hazel and dear at Ajisen.

Im always eating either Spicy Char Siew Ramen.

Bought a dress and bikini for Tioman trip end of the month.

And dear bought polo t-shirt. There is this particular t-shirt which doesnt have the size.
And so the girl went to another outlet to get the top.
Its a few distance away.
She close the shop as she is alone and we waited for her to come back.

After shopping headed to watch IP Man at downtown east.
The show starts at 2.20am and so we headed to Summer Breeze to chill and had late dinner.

Dear's Meatball Spag. Before rearranging the meatball.

After rearranging :D

My Chicken Chop with Sambal Chilli.
Simply love it.

love me for who i am Sunday, May 02, 2010 ♥